Golden Chicken Sprinkle 50g


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Golden Chicken Sprinkle 50g

  • Made in QLD with 100% Organic Aussie Chicken Breast
  • Bursting with health benefits
  • No additives. No Fillers. No enhancers. No preservatives.
  • Perfect for fussy pups!

Our golden chicken is marinated in golden paste before dehydration. The golden paste consists of organic coconut oil, organic turmeric powder & cracked pepper (to activate the turmeric)

Turmeric has a number of health benefits as it has strong anti-inflammatory effects and is a strong antioxidant making turmeric ideal for dogs with joint issues for example arthritis. It is also known for its pro-circulatory and anti-cancer benefits.

Click here for more information on turmeric

Customer Reviews

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Very Popular

This would have to be my pups favourite sprinkle, the bowl gets licked clean, and his a fussy pup so I know this works to encourage him to eat even his not so favourite raw foods.

Megan S.
Absolute game changer

Fussy french bulldog pupper who chooses to go on and off his wet food. Golden chicken sprinkle gives that bit of a extra flavour so he eats every last bite of his wet food. Highly recommend! Waiting for our next order to arrive! We love Happy Paws Co.

sarah l maloney

My loves these! They encouraged her eat and finish her kibble!

Mayukh Rahman
Golden Goodness

It's a great meal topper, I'm sure it tastes yummy as Sherlock licked the bowl clean

Jayde Byrne
This product is amazing!!

Both my pup and 2 cats love this sprinkle! Adds some variety and a different texture to their meals which they love. Have also added to enrichment meals much to their enjoyment :)

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