Beef Cheek Chew With Fur x 1


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Beef Cheek Chew With Fur

  • Made in Australia with nothing but natural, Australian beef
  • Single product protein
  • Aids in good digestive health

A natural treat with the fur still on. In a natural diet, fur and feathers are the main source of fibre in a dogs diet.

A huge hit with most dogs but some dogs may need to be enticed to try these as often dogs have never seen fur on their food. Perfect for teeth cleaning due to the toughness of the skin and the furs polishing and cleaning abilities.

Why feed fur/benefits of fur:

Fur is a great source of fibre and aids in good digestive health in the following ways:

  • not fully breaking down so it brushes its way through the digestive tract, thereby cleaning away any food built up over time;
  • cleaning away food build up, reduces the likelihood of a sluggish digestive system. A sluggish digestive system can become a breeding ground for yeasts and other fungi;
  • cleansing the digestive tract, aids the body in absorbing nutrients;
  • helping prevent worms by brushing away worms and eggs in the digestive system;
  • helping to keep teeth clean - fur is a part of a dog’s natural toothbrush – it polishes their teeth;
  • being a great source of fibre. Fibre bulks up poop – to naturally express the anal gland, poop needs to be firm enough to press against the anal glands as it passes through

Read more about the benefits of fur here.

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These chews were much loved by my puppy and dog. They were devoured in only a day! I was surprised to receive them as they were not wrapped in any sort of plastic so when I received my parcel, there was a strong odour

Tresna Bell
Beef cheek chew

These were very popular between our 'pups', to the point as soon as Abbie lifted her head from chewing Loki made his move ...and took a nibble! 😁

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