100% Australian Bully Sticks - Thick x 1


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100% Australian Bully Sticks - Thick x 1

Back in stock and better than ever, these Australian Bully Sticks are thick and HUGE!

  • Made in Australia with 100% Aussie Beef
  • Single product protein 
  • No additives. No Fillers. No enhancers. No preservatives
  • Natural dental chew

Genuine Australian Bull Pizzle. Absolutely guaranteed the highest quality pizzle available! Very low fat 0.9%. 

Our Beef Pizzle is approximately 15cm long and average 2-3cm width and weigh about 40-50g

High palatability, totally digestible and nutritious. The perfect chew, they do not stink, are clear of fat and grease free!  

Our dehydration process guarantees your dog a nutritional, healthy pure natural way to help clean their teeth.

Price is per bully stick. 

Customer Reviews

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100% Australian Bully Sticks - Thick

Great for puppies

Our two puppies love the bully sticks! Always have spares on hand. The pups use them to self settle in their crates. We find they last up to a week - although we have had a few devoured in a couple hours.

Rebekah Stewart
Excellent quality treats

Amazing! Our boy just loves them. A real puppy teething saviour for us at the moment as keeps him stimulated and stop him from biting our hands and feet. All natural ingredients, great quality and value for money compared to large pet store retailers and don’t have that strong smell a lot of treats seem to have. 10/10 would recommend and will continue to buy!

Emily Tidswell
Better value than Pet Shops

So much better value for money than Pet Shops! The are thicker and bigger for a way better price. They are a long lasting 'toothbrush' with our fur babies. The vet even commented on how great and clean our 12yr olds teeth are! Highly recommend

Favourite treat!!!

These are our dog’s all time favourite long lasting treat. Reserved for times when she needs to be kept busy, they always do the trick. She LOVES them and we love that they are 100% beef - no nasty additives or fillers.

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