Parsley Chicken 75g


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Parsley Chicken 75g

Our Parsley Chicken Jerky is made from skinless chicken breast which is then sliced, marinated with Parsley and dried. Parsley has been added for variety as a natural and healthy seasoning for your pup.

Parsley is known to have beneficial effects on reducing bad doggy breath, due to its high levels of chlorophyll, which is packed with deodorising and antibacterial properties.

Parsley Chicken is a great small snack for dogs of all sizes, that can also be used as training treats as it is easily broken up into smaller pieces. Our jerky is boneless and low in fat. 

  • Single ingredient protein made in Australia
  • Low fat training reward
  • Helps to fight bad doggy breath
  • Suitable for dogs of all ages
  • Free from additives, fillers, enhancers, preservatives and any extra nasties
  • Simply all natural, healthy, premium Australian dog treats

All of the treats here at Happy Paws Co are mindfully selected to serve a nutritional purpose, as well as being extra tasty for your pet. You can rest assured that when shopping with Happy Paws Co, you are only receiving the best, single protein dehydrated dog treats that are BETTER for your pooches health and well-being. 

Customer Reviews

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Victoria Lidstone
Frankie’s favourite treat!

This is my puppy’s favourite! We have tried a lot of the different flavours but it seems like she will do any command for a parsley chicken 😂

Glad to hear the Parsley Chicken is a hit! Thank you for your review :)

My dogs love them

Your treats are very tasty as my dogs love them and always want more. Will definitely be buying all their treats from happy paws. Thank you!

Thank you for your kind review Amy! Glad to hear your dogs are enjoying our products!

Perfect high value treat for training

We used the Parsley Chicken for some new commands. Our boy was sooo focused and committed so that he could get some of the yummy Parsley Chicken pieces. Will definitely be purchasing again!

A winner

This combo is a winner. Delicious chicken and a little breath freshener at the same time.

Hollie Hunkin
Great Treat

Such a great product. My dog loves these treats. It really smells like chicken & parsley.

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