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Dog Treats | Australian Made Natural Dog Treats

The best Australian dog treats for your best friend! 

All of our healthy Australian dog treats are made using locally sourced, premium quality ingredients and contain absolutely no additives or preservatives. We care about your pets as much as you do and pride ourselves on only offering the best! With our extensive range of natural dog treats, you are sure to find something that gets your pups tail wagging. 


    For high value dog training treats, we highly recommend:

    • Beef Trainers - high value training reward, easy to break into small pieces
    • Reef & Beef Trainers - easy to break into smaller pieces, the perfect training treat
    • Golden Chicken - we are yet to find a dog who doesn't love our golden chicken!
    • Fish Nibbles - small pieces of fish that are the perfect size for training


    Are you a new puppy parent wondering what to feed your puppy? For puppy dog treats, we highly recommend: 

    • Roo Puffs - high value treat that all dogs love!
    • Beef Trainers - easy to break up into smaller pieces, the perfect training treat.
    • Parsley Chicken - puppies love to eat things that they probably shouldn't, so this treat is a must have to help with bad breath!
    • Bully Sticks or Shark Tails - great dental chews for puppies to keep them away from chewing things they shouldn't.
    • You can shop our Puppy Pack Bundle by clicking here.
    • We also highly recommend sending us ALL THE PUPPY PHOTOS!