Foot Fetish Bundle


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Foot Fetish Bundle

Got a foot fetish when it comes to dog treats? We've brought all of your favourite dehydrated feet products together in one convenient bundle!

Chicken Feet x 4

Duck Feet x 6

Pork Trotter Halves x 2

Cow Hoof x 1

Valued at $38.96

Customer Reviews

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Anna Morgan

I have only given them the rabbit ears so far , still more left. I gave the one year old lab the hooves ( seperately) and they were a hit.They took ages to get through and I had to put the left over out of sight, as the old 15 yo was trying to eat them but not sure she could have managed them.Long lasting for a lab ie a few hours at a time and then a rest

Stacey Moses
Value for money

I usually buy the items in this bundle separately from my local pet shop and it costs a lot more then this bundle. Plus our doggo loves them!

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